Tips for a Productive Summer & Unhurried Home



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30 page Workbook

As Your Planner

3 Unique Lessons

Covering What You Need Most

2 Hours of Video

Listen and learn with a friendly guide

Build a Work Plan for Summer and Save Time Homeschooling

Use the strategies shared in these three guided video sessions to win back your time and energy this summer and teach the kids independent learning skill thay can use all year long too!

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Your Workload is Not Going to Change for Summer Break

Are you not quite sure if this summer will be different from all the summers before. Frustrating. Harried. Aggravating?

This course is for parents who don't have time to waste. If you know that summer is coming and you have work to do with the kids at home you have the right motivation. If you have a few hours, you have the right amount of time to watch the video lessons and build your working plan for summer.

Learn About Using Unit Studies in Summer

Unit Studies can help you manage the excess of free hours the kids have while you are trying to get work done this Summer.

Using a Unit Study can be a great way to unite the kids as one group for mulit-age learning over summer.

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Create a Flexible Schedule

Explore New Subjects without Risk

Dig Deeper in Areas of Interest

Strengthen Academic Topics

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Stave off Summer Chaos

Limit Screen Time

Create a Flexible Schedule

You are Mentally Free to Help

Kids Have Time to Explore

Electives are a lighter, fun way to get your kids learning this summer.

Homeschool electives are a great way for high schoolers to explore new subjects. Using these in summer can save you some teaching time in your school year.

Let’s look at some options and break down the choices and why you might start with one elective over another.

Chasing Your Goals WHILE Chasing Your Kids!

One of the people who should benefit the most from free time this summer should be us homeschooling parents. The reality or summer with everyone home and out of their routine can be very different from the expectations you had of your summer.

Don't despair, you can get your work done and have a pretty fun summer too. It takes some intentional focused energy from you to make sure that happens.

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Assess Your Skill Needs

Grow Where You Are Talented

Commit to a Growth Plan

Invest in Yourself

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30 Page Workbook

The Homeschooler's Guide to Sumer Success Guide is full of worksheets to support each of the action steps in the video lessons.

The clear action worksheets will make sure you will not be tempted to passively watch. Instead you will be excited to get right to work with clear easy to follow instructions to help you.

Each Lesson has several action pages to help you create a unique plan for your family. Idea pages help you brain storm, Action Pages help you gather your own ideas in one place and Inplimentation pages can be reprinted for every project you want to break down and work throught all summer long!

You will love to use these well as the BONUS Summer planning and fun pages to plan summer fun with the whole family.

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4.7 out of 5.0 stars

Families from the Homeschool Mom Summer Summit 2022 used the Homeschooler's Guide to Summer Success to help them save hours of school and achieve their personal goals with their kids at home

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Hi, I am Amber J. Smith

Entrepreneur, Writer, Success Coach

Amber Smith and her chef husband of 26 years, raised ten wild children in southern Iowa. Her desire to help homeschool parents avoid burnout, build their best life, with strong relationships, led her to start blogging at 200 Fingers & Toes. That is where you can find the latest articles, product reviews, new In Due Season Homeschool Podcast episodes.

As a second generation homeschool grad with a public school background, she understands the experience of transitioning a family to homeschool living.

Amber serves the homeschool community as a freelance writer, reviewing and contributing to popular homeschool blogs and magazines by sharing tips and tools used in their homeschool over the last eighteen years.

Wherever she speaks, Amber offers practical examples to equip your homeschool, define your goals, dream bigger and build relationships that are vibrant and active.

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